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Incomplete Step 1 Leads to Chronic Slipping - Peter H

Peter H talks about his experience with slipping.  Akron SA Convention in 2008.

Rigorous Honesty - Why is it so Difficult

A panel of three SA members talk about why it is so difficult to be honest and how to stay honest in recovery.  

Shame Inventory PDF - Mark V.

Attached is the Shame Inventory that Mark V talked about.

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Lust Workshop - Part 1 - Harvey A

Harvey A talks more about Lust Recovery and sobriety in SA.  In a workshop in Atlanta GA.

What’s Keeping Me Sober This Morning

Atlanta Quarterly Speaker Meeting August 15, 2015.  Art B. tells his story.  Q&A session at the end.

Obstacles to Recovery

Ed R. Talks about obstacles to recovery at the 2014 Atlanta Quarterly Speaker Meeting.

ESH - Ed R.

Ed R tells his story at the Atlanta SA Convention 2013


Ed R Talks about Sponsorship in Chattanooga TN.

Why Do I have to Surrender

Lee T talk about Sex Addiction and the effects from the brain from a scientific perspective.  Listen to the discussion at the end.  Very good take from a Spiritual aspect as well.

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