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Learning to Lighten Up - Harvey A

Harvey A talks about being Happy, Joyous and free like in the Big Book chapter "The Family Afterwards"

Lust Workshop - Part 1 - Harvey A

Harvey A talks more about Lust Recovery and sobriety in SA.  In a workshop in Atlanta GA.

What is Sex with Self - Harvey A.

Harvey A. shares his experience, strength and hope about what is sex with self.

Spiritual Discussion - Panel - July 1994

Roy K, Harvey A, Bernie, Gordan, and Rhonda talk about Spirituality in a panel discussion at the 1994 SA International Conference

Joy - Harvey A

Harvey A shares about the joy response during the 2018 SA Internet Marathon

Experience, Strength, and Hope - Harvey A

Sorry for the quality of the recording.  Cleaned up as best as possible.  Harvey A walks a group through experience, strength and hope.

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